Thursday, 7 May 2015

Guildhall Business Library Part. 2

"Oh, for fuck sake!" Is not a good way to start a blog post but it did express my exasperation at what was looking like a fruitless day. The very last and as it turns out most productive item on my itinerary was to search the newspaper databases for the Times and Financial Times newspapers at the Guildhall Library. As I mentioned in my last post the Financial Times yielded nothing, whereas the Times brought up six items. One of which was a TIE advert for the Voice of Kenya which may feature in a later article I am planning for Kenya and TIE's involvement there. The first clipping I would like to bring to your attention though should appear below if I have any idea what I am doing.
Edward Petry & Co were television station representatives in a similar fashion to TIE. As is shown in this link:

I will leave it up to the reader as to how they interpret this particular clipping as I can't quite get my head around the wording of this one but I felt it was worth showing as it may become more relevant later. The next offering is far more interesting. At least, I think it is anyway.

Now, this may just be my memory failing me but I think the number of stations it was thought TIE was acting on behalf of at the time was 12. Although it is also highly possible that this was a mistake by the reporter, but either way, I think this is significant as it shows that TIE (Programmes) Ltd was flying the prints out and still highly active as late as 1970.

The other clippings aren't all that interesting or relevant to this post but I will hope to try and work them into later posts. So small pickings overall but still very worthwhile for me. I must be easily pleased.